SDCC 2017: Waid, Samnee to take over Captain America


Announced by Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is your new creative team for Captain America.

Going into Marvel Legacy, one thing was clear from the start: Marvel wants to go back to basics. DC Rebirth did an excellent job of returning to what made their characters work originally and the results have been increased sales and happy readers.

So with Marvel’s sales resembling a dumpster fire and fans not happy, it was just a matter of time until Marvel tried its own version of Rebirth. And that is exactly what we are all getting with Marvel Legacy. Original numbering and a back to basics approach that the publisher is hoping will bring back the countless readers who fled after one too many super-mega crossover events.

One of the biggest questions going into Legacy was what was going to happen with Captain America. It was already established that Sam Wilson will be retuning to being The Falcon after Secret Empire and there have been numerous questions about the ramification of Steve Rogers being a Hydra agent and all the harm he caused while the whole “Hail Hydra” storyline played out.

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And while we don’t have any concrete answers just yet (we’ll have to wait for Secret Empire to wrap up for those) we do know what will be going on with the Captain America title once Marvel Legacy begins.

Announced at the Secret Empire panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Captain America will see not only the returning of its original numbering with #695, but will also see the return of a familiar name to the credits box.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are you new writer and artist respectively for Captain America starting this November.

As everyone who is reading this should know, Waid had what many consider one of the definitive runs on the character before it came to a premature end thanks to Heroes Reborn. Together with Ron Garney the two created a Cap that was perfect for the times, one part Tom Clancy, one part Batman, all super soldier.

Waid and Samnee recently completed an Eisner-award winning run on Daredevil that took the character away from the grim and gritty storytelling that had become the norm and actually made Daredevil a fun book to read again, with a healthy does of humor and a, yes, back to basics approach.

Word is that Marvel was looking for a creative team that could return Cap to the type of character fans could love and root for and solidly put the whole “Hail Hydra” controversy in the rearview mirror.

According to Waid, the series will feature Cap going on a road trip as he tries to figure out who he is and how he fits in after the events of Secret Empire.

"“Steve is kind of tired of being the couch-surfer of the Marvel Universe, he’s never really had a place to call his own other than Avengers Mansion. This is him getting back in touch with Captain America, learning how people perceive Captain America in light of Secret Empire.”"

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With Waid back on the title and Samnee with him on art, it is going to be really tough to pass on this.

Captain America #695 goes on sale in comic shops and digitally this coming November.