Dragon Ball Super episode 102 recap and review: “Universal Survival Saga: The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 102 showcased Universe 2’s warriors as they showed off their powers and transformations in the Tournament of Power.

The Dragon Ball Super “Universal Survival Saga” focuses on the Tournament of Power. The tournament involves eight out of the twelve existing universes. Ten of the strongest in each universe will fight in a “Battle Royale” style match. The losing universes will be eliminated by the Omni-Kings.

In the previous episode, we saw Goku, Vegeta, No.17 and No.18 team with Kale and Caulifla. They challenged Universe 11’s Pride Troopers. After an impressive performance, all five Pride Troopers were eliminated. In the end, Kale and Caulifla left to rest up as Goku assured them they would fight again at full strength.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Episode Ahead

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The episode began with Universe 2’s Brianne, Sanka and Su commanding everyone’s attention. They transformed (Sailor Moon-style) while the other competitors watched on. Before their transformation is complete, No.17 fired an attack at them.

This caused Brianne, Goku and even Toppo to scold No.17. The three Universe 2 warriors begin their transformations again and eventually transform into Ribrianne, Kakunsa and Rozie (all with different appearances).

The three then launched attacks at all the competitors on the fighting stage. Ribrianne turned into a wheel and charged at Vegeta. He managed to dodge her, causing her to eliminate a Universe 10 competitor.

As for Rozie and Kakunsa, they are fighting with Goku and No.17 respectively. No.17 and Kakunsa are having an intense fight. Kakunsa has a wild animal style of fighting, but this doesn’t bother No.17. He uses a force field to prevent her attacks and pushes the force field to try to eliminate her.

Before she can fall, a winged warrior named Vikal saves her. No.17 then powers up and knocks Vikal out of the stage. This makes it easier for No.17 to now eliminate Kakunsa, which he does. Ribrianne sees that two of her teammates are eliminated and begins to get angry, vowing revenge. There are now 39 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.

Thoughts on the Episode

Overall, this was a decent episode. Universe 2 showed they are a good threat to the other competitors after having a quiet tournament so far. But the highlight of the episode was No.17. Ever since his encounter with Goku before the tournament, fans have wondered just how strong No.17 is. He seemed to eliminate two competitors with ease, so it is worth wondering what else is in store for him.