Dragon Ball Super episode 105 synopsis: “Universal Survival Saga: Brave Fight! Master Roshi Stakes his Life”


Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 105 synopsis teases Roshi challenging Universe 2s warrior Caway and Universe 4s God of Destruction, Quitela.

The Tournament of Power is well underway in Dragon Ball Super and it has, so far, not disappointed us. We’ve now seen two universes eliminated, as well as a plethora of epic moments. This theme only continued in the recent episode where Goku and Hit teamed up to face Universe 11’s Pride Troopers.

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We saw the return of the Super Saiyan God form, which allowed Goku to achieve high levels of speed without a drain on his stamina. This proved to be highly successful, as Goku and Hit managed to eliminate another member of Universe 11. With this, we are now curious as to what the next episode holds.

Thanks to the Weekly Shounen Jump Preview, we have the synopsis for the next episode, and it appears as though Master Roshi will be the focus:

"“With Goku teaming up with Hit and whatnot, the situation at the Tournament of Power changes moment to moment! Even the Turtle Hermit, who’s been observing the battle and analyzing opponents since the match began, now starts trading blows with Universe 2’s warrior Caway!! At last, the Turtle Hermit puts his power into action!!”"

Master Roshi has been a silent competitor so far. We’ve only seen him working with the rest of Universe 7’s team, so it will be intriguing to see what is in store for him. Before the tournament began, many fans wondered what Roshi’s inclusion would provide.

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This synopsis also adds that Roshi will have to deal with Quitela too:

"The God of Destruction Quitela leads the Universe 4! With the warrior Caway at the forefront, they use sex appeal against the Turtle Hermit!! The Turtle Hermit has always lived according to the appetites of the flesh, but how will he react now?!”"

It is interesting that Quitela will be involved. Granted he’s quite villainous and would do anything to see Beerus suffer, but a possible team up with Universe 2 is quite interesting. This will definitely be a tough match-up for Roshi.