Young Justice: Outsiders changes the status of the original team


Young Justice: Outsiders is going to change things up for the founding members of the team.

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By now, most fans are aware that Young Justice: Outsiders will turn the spotlight on a new crop of young heroes. However, that leaves the status of the team’s original members up in the air. The Comic-Con panel for the new season teased them with an image featuring Superboy, Artemis and Nightwing in very different threads. Now, character designer Phillip Bourassa has provided some context.

While speaking with Comic Book, Bourassa revealed that some of the classic characters are going to be in an interesting place when the new season arrives:

"“If you look at the art that we showed [during the panel], you’ll notice there’s no hero insignias. There’s no telltale signs of this is Nightwing, this is Black Lightning. Following the tradition of the covert ops aspects, the stealth missions that we always had in the show, and looking at Dick Grayson’s arc and where we left him, he’s like ‘I don’t want to do the superhero thing.’ You can see where that’s going.”"

Putting these characters in a unique position should make for some intriguing storytelling. The six core members have come a long way since the first season, and they were all in varying situations by the end of Young Justice: Invasion.

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As Bourassa mentioned, Nightwing was apparently stepping away from the superhero game. And, Superboy and Miss Martian were headed to Mars, while Artemis adopted an entirely new alter ego following Wally’s (Kid Flash) “death.”

The season’s main conflict which is metahuman trafficking will probably be left up to the new team, but it looks like the veterans are still going to have their hands full. And who’s to say that their missions won’t collide at some point.

Young Justice: Outsiders lands on DC’s digital streaming service in 2018.