Marvel’s Spider-Man review: ‘A Day in the Life’


Reviewing this latest episode of the animated series, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man gets the shock of his life when he runs into a thief. He has a hectic day and perhaps that’s why this episode felt rushed and not as stable. They tried to tie in science into luck, and it didn’t seem to work out. Peter’s personal life takes a few hits, but that’s Spider-Man.

The fact that this episode of called “A Day in the Life” is actually a good call. Big Spider-Man fans know that this really is how life is for Spider-Man as he struggles to balance personal and hero life.

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Spider-Man is at Horizon High, doing some cleaning, when he runs into Black Cat. Of course, he doesn’t know this person is named Black Cat, but, yeah. She owns him; even somehow getting Spider-Man trapped in his own webbing and getting himself electrocuted. It’s really messed up. We don’t really know what she stole at the time, but she does get away, but not before Spider-Man places a tracker on her.

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That’s yet another spotlight on the brilliant mind of Peter Parker. I love how this seems to be the first animated series in a good while that really emphasizes how much Peter plays into the Spider-MAN part of the whole thing.

For a couple of minutes, we see the Peter really has his hands full as he has an assignment due, he made a couple of promises, and members of his study group are wondering how committed he is to school. He also had lunch with Harry. Meanwhile, he’s consumed with trying to find Black Cat. Well, actually, he finds her plenty, but stopping her is another story.

Eventually, Spider-Man does overcome the bad luck he runs into while dealing with Black Cat, although, I have to say, I wasn’t impressed by how he reasoned it. To be honest, I wonder if all of the science talk has a limit. What happens if/when he runs into someone like Doctor Strange, who is clearly on the other side of the spectrum. We’ll see.

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So, that black goo/liquid that Black Cat stole. Anybody say “Venom” once we found out where it came from? I know I did. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.