DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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1. Superman

There are two versions of the ‘Last Son of Krypton’ in the DCU. There’s the classic version of the hero played by Tyler Hoechlin on CW’s Supergirl. Hoechlin’s Superman is a lot more chummy and approachable than what we previously saw from his DCEU counterpart. Of course, we’re referring to the Zach Snyder directed film, Man of Steel in 2013 where Superman has been played by Henry Cavil. No disrespect to Hoechlin who did a great job in his four-episode stint, but It’s Cavil’s Superman who makes the list.

Clark Kent was sent to earth in a spaceship after his home planet of Krypton was destroyed. On earth, he was found and raised by a wholesome family, the Kents. After his father died, Clark journeyed across the world working odd jobs and saving people in the process. It wasn’t until other survivors from his home planet arrived to Earth that he would be forced to become a hero. General Zod leads an army in hopes to inhabit the Earth by turning it into Krypton, killing billions in the process. Superman successfully defeated Zod sacrificing his soul when he snapped the neck of his nemesis — nevertheless, a hero was born.

Unlike the CW Superman, it’s apparent that no one has any chance of defeating Superman. Okay unless you count Batman who had Kryptonite in Batman v Superman. Even in that fight, Superman held his own until his weakness became too much for him.

However, in Justice League Superman convincingly kicked each Justice League member’s ass. Even Flash wasn’t fast enough to stop the Man of Steel. Superman’s unmatched prowess isn’t why he’s No. 1, it’s the inspiration he was to an entire planet, his sacrifice made Batman change his ways and Wonder Woman yo come out hiding. And when the world needed him most, when it was time to battle Steppenwolf it was Superman that was looked to as the missing piece. There’s not a greater hero in the DCU than Superman.

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DC Comics hasn’t done a great job expanded its world from animated to live-action. Still, it feels like things are just getting started as there are so many heroes that need to be explored. Nevertheless, they have dozens of heroes and plenty more to come and we can’t wait so that our list can grow and change with the expansion of DCU characters.