Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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Some of my favorite characters growing up were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seeing these characters as surprise playable guest characters in Injustice 2 made me so very happy! This is basically four characters in one, equipping the signature weapon allows you to play as turtle of your choice. They share similar strong attacks, but each turtle has their own abilities that are worth checking out. Leonardo can summon other turtles during the fight, Michaelangelo can use his skateboard in his attacks, Raphael can parry attacks, Donatello can suck enemies into a certain point on the map, the list goes on.

The turtles are probably the most well-rounded characters in the entire game. They have great attacks and are very agile, a perfect way to learn the flow of the game. They are also hilarious to watch. The dialogue scenes between other characters are pretty good and fit the characters, they also break out into dance in between winning rounds. A must own DLC purchase and a ton of fun to add to the overall gaming experience.