Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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13. Thor: Ragnarok – Thor vs Hulk

The seeds for the Thor vs Hulk on Sakaar were planted in Avengers as a rivalry had clearly been brewing. This is a classic matchup, as they are initially the two strongest members of the team. This is another fight that just made sense to bring to the big screen. As shown in the film, there’s a lot of directions a fight between the God Thunder and the Strongest Avenger can take.

The best part of this was Thor missing Mjolnir. Without a magic hammer to use, it was up to his strength and cunning. It’s an effects-driven scene that really lets the audience sit back and munch on their popcorn.

Some people may have a problem with it but I actually enjoy the nature of the ending, with the fight being fixed against Thor. I think it allowed both characters to look strong, while moving the plot along and keeping the door open in the future. Like in pro wrestling. That said, perhaps we’ll get some serious tag-team action from the two with Infinity War. There’s bound to be enough heavy hitters to go around on Thanos’ Black Order.