Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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5. Doctor Strange – Bargain

Doctor Strange overcomes a physical disability and a major learning curve on his road to become the Sorcerer Supreme. While the character moves to new heights at a brisk pace (becoming the Sorcerer Supreme from Sassy Surgeon in just one flick), the film does its best to make it feel adequate. Doctor Strange is a smart character to begin with, and given the right tools, he is able to overcome almost any challenge. He proves this when he uses the Time Stone to basically leapfrog over his main antagonist Kacellius, and strike a deal with the dreaded Dormammu.

Doctor Strange, propelled by his courage and wit, is able to best what would normally seem like insurmountable odds. It is easily the best use of an Infinity Stone by a hero so far, and it helps set a new tone for facing the villains of the Marvel Universe. Most heroes have bested their rivals and foes by besting the doubts and problems that plague themselves. This is one of more creative ways a hero saves the day. It also leaves the door open for Strange’s next grudge match with the Dormmamu, who surely won’t take this defeat lightly.