Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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6. Guardians of the Galaxy – Guardians use the power stone

Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first time an Infinity Stone was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is, however, the first time a hero (or heroes) used an Infinity Stone to defeat their villain. While using the Power Stone to obliterate Ronan is a bit of an anti-hero move, it is necessary to save the Galaxy (and that’s kind of what the Guardians do). Up until this point, the Infinity Stones were used for the machinations of evil, but Guardians of the Galaxy proved that these could be a force for good.

Guardians also made something else clear about the stone. It clearly established that there is a price to pay for wielding an Infinity Stone. The Power Stone in particular is an overwhelming, destructive force that is not meant to be wielded by simply anyone. When the Guardians arrive to fight in Infinity War, they will surely bring a unique perspective to the Infinity Stones and the likes of Thanos. It should be noted that Peter Quill’s celestial blood played a hand in their wielding of it, and now that part of Quill is gone, further complicating matters.