Review: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #304


Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #304 starts a new arc, “No More,” where Peter’s caught in a Back to the Future 2 scenario. Read on for a full review.

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Adam Kubert
Color Artist: Jason Keith
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

When last we saw Spider-Man, he had stopped the Green Goblin from the past and saved his younger self. He, J. Jonah Jameson, and Teresa (now revealed as Peter’s twin sister), had what they needed to stop the Vedomi and the Tinkerer in the future. So, this golden trio travels back in time and successfully stops the Vedomi.

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Except, that is NOT what happens at all! Because younger Peter gave up being Spider-Man, the trio return to a dystopian New York where Norman Osborn is in control, Doctor Octopus is the head of the police force and almost every hero is M.I.A. or dead. Spidey and the gang are now in Green America!

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The majority of the issue features Spidey attempting to find someone who knows about time travel and can get things back to normal. He meets with many different faces from his past and present, including Gwen Stacy, Captain America, and even the non-hero version of himself.

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The climax of the story occurs when Spidey teams up with a resistance of the few heroes that are left alive to find Dr. Doom. They believe he can help them change things back to the way everything was before. Near the end of the issue, Peter (hero version) and the heroes have to face off against a Venomized Ben Grimm (the Thing). Peter ends up having to reluctantly leave the heroes to defeat Ben, while he searches for Dr. Doom.

Chip Zdarsky, Adam Kubert, Jason Keith. . Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #304. A-.

Overall, the issue was pretty good. It started out sort of slow, but it ended up picking up near the end. I enjoyed seeing what it would be like and who would still be alive (Gwen Stacy) if Peter had given up being Spider-Man permanently. I am definitely ready for the next issue in this story arc.