Ms. Marvel: 7 actresses who could play Kamala Khan

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7. Aiysha Hart

Chances are you may not have heard much of this actress unless you watched her on BBC’s short-lived series Atlantis. On the show, Hart plays Princess Ariadne. Her character is kind, strong, and stubborn and it’s evident in her pursuit of love and her disproval of the way Atlantis is run. It’s those qualities from her character that we believe translates into what makes Kamala Khan admirable.

Hart is 27 and may be a bit older for some people’s taste but we think she’d be great. While she won’t be able to play the 16-year old version of Kamala, there could be a different spin on things. Khan could be a little more grown up still feeling the pressures of being bound by her religious upbringing.

There could a world where she’s living the life her parents wanted for her instead of one she dreamed. Opposed a high school party we could see her let loose in college and the same events play out. Hart does have the look to pull off a woman in college. Hart would be a safe bet for the role and could flourish under the spotlight.