Ms. Marvel: 7 actresses who could play Kamala Khan

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LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 11: Amy Jackson attends a special screening of “Focus” at Vue West End on February 11, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

6. Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson isn’t a well-known actress, although she has technically played a superhero before. Jackson is known by fans of the CW show. Supergirl where she plays the Arrowverse version of Saturn Girl, Irma Ardeen. On Supergirl, Jackson plays the wife of Mon-El, her character stands out as the alpha of Legion. Jackon has undeniable star power, in fact, Deadline briefly highlighted her star power in Bollywood when the casting news was announced.

"The Supergirl role will mark the U.S. debut for British-born Bollywood actress Jackson, who began her career as a model and has since established herself as one of India’s most prominent leading ladies. She’ll next be seen starring in 2.0, the sequel to India’s Box Office smash, Robot."

Since Jackson has already suited up and has a great look, it’ll be cool to see her continue her transition from Bollywood star to America. The following she’ll warrant would do a lot for Ms. Marvel worldwide and for Jackson there’s no better way to make a bigger name for herself than to star in a Disney/Marvel produced film. I know we’d surely like to see her suite up as Ms. Marvel.

As Kamala Khan she’ll bring a balance between a teenager and adult similar to Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker. Like Garfield, Jackson is older but because of her youthful look, there’s no doubt she’d be able to play a young Kamala. One of the benefits of her being older is her joining the Avengers in future movies which could mean Ms. Marvel’s timeline could be in the early 2000s a decade after Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel.