The Batman: 5 potential characters for Andy Serkis to play

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Credit: DC Comics

4. Clayface

Audiences and fans have yet to meet Clayface on the silver screen. There are numerous versions of Clayface, but I think we all assume and agree we go the Basil Karlo route. The idea of a motion-capture actor like Andy Serkis playing an actor who becomes a monster. It comes off as something possibly meta.

Plus, the character can bring many identities and roles that Mr. Serkis can possibly also play as. Everybody knows Serkis has plenty of range. Can you imagine the guy who plays Gollum later comes to play the leader of the First Order?

Matt Reeves wants to bring a noir level, detective driven story to The Batman. Imagine a story with a slew of murders, yet no one thinks it is Basil Karlo. No one ever assumed it in his first appearance in Detective Comics #40 in 1940. His motivation being his anger over the remake of one his own films. Hmm, sounds like a relevant issue too when you think about it.