The Batman: 5 potential characters for Andy Serkis to play

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Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

3. Man-Bat

Another character, much like Clayface who still has not come to the theaters. Sure, we can do all CG for a character such as Man-Bat, something akin to that tomb scene in Batman v. Superman. But why go that route, when we will have to capture the character doing other things. Man-Bat is more than just some physical monster. We also have Dr. Kirk Langstrom that Serkis can normally play as himself, not all that different from Clayface. Man-Bat can be something of a tragic character.

Do not forget the army of Man-Bats under Talia, if Reeves wants to possibly go that route. Hence, Serkis plays an entire army. Yes, some of it would be CG with all the numerous Man-Bat ninjas. However, he may have to play more if there’s a scene with two or three of them on screen, all with different weapons. I doubt Matt Reeves will take this approach though.