Wonder Woman 1984: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive?

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Somehow surviving the plane crash

Yes, viewers may have seen the Steve Trevor-occupied plane blow up and watched his seemingly final seconds alive. No one actually saw him perish, however, in the one or two seconds between the camera cut on him and Diana’s view from the ground. What the heck could have happened?

Again, this is a comic book movie. Anything can happen. Did Trevor find a way to escape within seconds of the plane’s detonation? What if Wonder Woman intentionally left out something he did on the plane to stay alive? Did he have an unknown form of time travel?

Here’s the deal with survival. Wonder Woman takes place in World War I, which occurred from 1914-1918. Trevor’s age was never confirmed, but the gap from 1918 to 1984 is 66 years, and Jenkins’s picture shows a character that did not age much, if at all, from the last time moviegoers saw him in the midst of battle. So it’s difficult to think he actually survived a suicide mission and lived without issue until 1984.

Let’s rule out that Steve actually lived to tell the tale in World War I. Maybe Wonder Woman 1984 throws in a wacky time-travel element, à la (but not exactly) Legends of Tomorrow-esque, but assuming not, this version of Diana’s romantic partner is gone.