Marvel Comics characters perfect for Father’s Day

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

Daughter: Valeria Richards

Son: Franklin Richards

Reed Richards is one of (if not the) smartest people in all of comic books. That said, he isn’t someone who picks up on social cues. Reed gets so lost in his work that he sometimes forgets about his family. That sound cruel, but it’s not intentional. Once he realizes what he’s done, he makes it a point to put his work on the back burner and take care of his family. His biggest moment as a father came during the 2015 Marvel Comics event Secret Wars

While Doom remade the universe in his image, Reed Richards was in stasis. Once he found out what happened, Richards jumped into action. After he defeated Doom, Reed had a decision to make. Go back to being a hero or be a family man. Reed chose to be a father and husband. He knew that he neglected his children long enough. Now, it was time to be the father he should have been for years. He ended it saying, “No more Mister Fantastic, just dad.” With Marvel Comics bringing back the Fantastic Four series in August, hopefully Reed will become more father than hero.