DC Dark/Black: 8 movies we’d like to see in DC’s dark universe

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3. Wild Dog 

The origin story of Wild Dog would make for a great superhero movie. Unlike the wealthy Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, Jack Wheeler comes from poverty. To put it simply, Wild Dog is a hero for the hood. His tale is one that is relatable, especially to former athletes. Wheeler’s promising college football career was derailed by an untimely injury. Unable to afford his classes, he dropped out and joined he Marianne’s.

After Jack served his tour, he pursued college and eventually opened up a garage shop. He became engaged to a woman named Claire Smith. Unbeknownst to him, Claire’s real name was Claire Carmonti. She was the daughter of a mob boss. Claire was murdered and thus Wild Dog was born. By day he worked as an auto mechanic, and by night he murdered criminals. 

We have a Wild Dog on CW’s Arrowverse. Rick Gonzalez plays Rene Ramirez, a former Marine turned vigilante, who fights alongside the Green Arrow. However, to see a true depiction of Wild Dog would be fantastic. We’d like to see an R rated street vigilante who murders criminals. Wouldn’t you?