DC Dark/Black: 8 movies we’d like to see in DC’s dark universe

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4. Batman/Thomas Wayne 

If you’ve read the Flashpoint comics or seen the DC animated movie Flashpoint: Paradox,  you want this to happen. In this alternate timeline, Bruce Wayne is murdered instead of his parents.

What makes it a great one-off movie is the story of Thomas’ transition to Batman and what it costs him. After his son is murdered Thomas Wayne becomes a murdering vigilante who calls himself Batman. When he catches the man who murdered his son, he beats him to death. Unfortunately, his wife Martha was driven insane. She mutilated herself in the form for a ghoulish grin and became the Joker.

There was something great about a dark, twisted and murderous take on a tragic tale. And, it makes one heck of a movie for the unnamed otherworld of the DC’s cinematic universe. Who knows, maybe Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen could reprise their roles