Marvel Netflix: Ranking all of Marvel Netflix TV shows

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5. The Defenders 

Growing up, The Defenders were just as popular as the Avengers. So, when Netflix announced they had plans for their Marvel Television heroes to team up, fans were naturally excited. This was nothing like The Avengers, it was much darker and edgier — different in a good way. Like the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, each show had a linear connection to one another. In fact, Jessica Jones introduced fans to Luke Cage and we couldn’t wait to see them reunited.

Nevertheless, it was Daredevil and Iron Fist that served as a catalyst for The Defenders. Both had a direct connection with the secret organization known as the Hand. The immortal family behind the worlds deadliest disasters all in the name of power and control.

Luke Cage’s connection came in the form of young black men working for the Hand and eventually losing their lives. For Jessica Jones, it was one of her clients who forced her into a situation she wasn’t ready to be in. None of the heroes were aware of their common enemy and didn’t show interest in working together. In the end, this ragtag group of heroes saved the day in what may be a one-off series.