Marvel Netflix: Ranking all of Marvel Netflix TV shows

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4. Punisher 

Punisher was a movie that received terrible reviews with both movies. The idea of a show could have once again disappointed fans. Fortunately, the Netflix show was far more compelling than the cinematic offerings proved to be. While Punisher was the last new Marvel show to debut on Netflix — it is far from last on our list.

Frank Castle was first introduced in season two of Daredevil with The Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal playing the role. So, some of his story was told already, but nothing compared to actually seeing it. The exploration into Frank Castle provided fans with an emotionally gripping story of a man troubled by loss. The Punisher tv show was the best live-action depiction of the character period.

Punisher follows Frank after he’s extracted justice on those responsible for his family death. Now, Frank must take down an organization that was behind the assassination of his family. This criminal organization makes the criminal underworld of New York look amateur, so he requires help. Assisting Frank is his former best friend Billy Russo who runs a military corporation Anvil. The two are aided by Micro, a former NSA analyst who doesn’t get along with Frank.