Marvel Netflix: Ranking all of Marvel Netflix TV shows

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1. Daredevil 

There’s no better Marvel show on Netflix than the originator. While each show has its own unique greatness, Daredevil is in a world of its own.

Matt Murdock is special because his disability doesn’t cripple him. In fact, one may argue that he sees better than those with sight. Because of his condition, Matt’s other senses are heightened and aids in his awesomeness. Furthermore, Matt was trained by an elite fighter to fight the war against a secret organization, the Hand.

Instead, he opted to protect the city of Hell’s Kitchen against some the most diabolical criminals in Marvel. By day he works as an attorney with his friend Foggy Nelson and by night he kicks ass. The most notable villain thus far has been Wilson Fisk, played brilliantly by Vincent D’Onofrio. The battle between the two powerhouses of Hell’s Kitchen was the highlight of the first season. The entire season was an origin story for both hero and villain. 

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In season two, we got to see Daredevil take on a vigilante whose ideologies conflicted with his own in Frank Castle. The emotionally charged season saw Matt come in conflict with Castle and his old girlfriend Elektra Natchios.

We got to explore Foggy and Matt’s strained relationship as they teamed up to help free Frank Castle on charges of murder. The conflict between Matt’s heroic persona and day job came to fruition and made season two fantastic. Because Daredevil had two amazing seasons of compelling villains and stories he ranks at the greatest show of them all. 

What has been your favorite Marvel Netflix show thus far?