Comic book movie box office totals from 2018, ranked

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Credit: Entertainment Weekly

6. Aquaman*

Now Aquaman is our only release from DC Comics for 2018. If you are keeping up, then you know the film is making a killing right now, both critically and financially. The film opened late December for the holiday break. No doubt this is playing some role, as well as the fact this is the debut of Aquaman on the silver-screen in his own debut film! Believe it or not, there is an idea that women are driving sales for this film, due to Jason Momoa.

Aquaman debuted at the number one spot, holding onto that spot for its second weekend. DC’s one and only film made a domestic total for 2018 of $199.5 million. In addition, $559.9 million has come from overseas. Currently, its worldwide box office total is $759.4 million. Yes, Aquaman is only number six on the 2018 rankings, but no doubt it will rise. The film has already outpaced Justice League. One thing to consider is that past Star Wars films opened in December and went on to be the number one film of their release date. Who knows, Aquaman may receive the same finale.