Marvel Comics characters to watch out for in 2019

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


It’s been a couple of years since Wolverine made his surprise return in Marvel Legacy No. 1. Since then, the X-Men and some of his friends (and a few of his enemies) have searched the world looking for him. Each of them coming up with very little.

In Return of Wolverine, the X-Men have actually found him and confronted their old teammate. Too bad for them he doesn’t remember who he is or who they are and he thinks they’re a danger to innocent people. Wolverine fans are anticipating to when he will regain his memories or at the very least rejoin his family and become one of the X-Men again. And, you know, not trying to kill them.

There will be a lot coming from Wolverine this year. First, there’s the return of him and Cyclops in an Uncanny X-Men story called Last X-Men. There’s also a series called Hulkverines (yes, it’s a silly name) where Wolverine and his long time rival the Hulk will fight Weapon H. This is just the beginning.

Expect for Wolverine to have more than a few major moments in the Marvel universe once everyone realizes he’s back from the dead. Also, look for Persephone to become a villain for Wolverine for the foreseeable future.