Batman: Hush voice cast is leaked, now get over it


The voice cast of the upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: Hush has apparently been leaked, and it has some fans feeling a way.

There is a leaked voice cast list for this year’s upcoming Batman: Hush animated movie. Right now we only have the actors and not their roles. Yet, many are hopping onto who they do not see and making a fuss out of it.

The Voice Cast

Of the leaked voice-actors we have so far are Jason O’Mara, Jerry O’Connell, Tara Strong, Rainn Wilson, Bruce Thomas and Vanessa Williams. You may recognize some of these actors if you keep up with the DC Animated Movie Universe. Jason O’Mara plays Batman. Jerry O’Connell has been voicing Superman since Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Rainn Wilson voiced Lex in The Death of Superman. Rebecca Romjin (or Mystique to some) voices Lois Lane. Bruce Thomas has voiced Commissioner Gordon, and finally, Vanessa Williams was Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Now some other voice actors are joining the fray. Some are new and some aren’t strangers to the world of DC entertainment, like Tara Strong for example. But, notice all of these actors are returning from the DC Animated Movie Universe? Right now, this is more rumor than confirmation. Additionally, there is no confirmation of who each actor will portray. Let’s be honest though, if we saw the entire cast of the Justice League cartoon, we can assume who each is playing.

What is The Problem with the Batman: Hush Cast?

First and foremost, that there is no Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Some time ago, the two were pondering the notion of Batman: Hush. Mark Hamill at one point did claim to retire the character, except for The Killing Joke, which he came for and then even showed up for Justice League Action. Meanwhile, Kevin Conroy has said nothing about retiring from his role as the Dark Knight. We still have a horde of fans who refuse to give these two up for voicing the Batman and Joker. If they had it their way, these two would be granted immortality, and fans have them portray every possible role — animation, live-action, video games, you name it!

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Yet, many of times we did not have Kevin Conroy for Batman and people survived: The Brave and The BoldUnder The Red Hood or The Dark Knight Returns. The same actor isn’t going to work all the time, for what is technically a different interpretation or adaptation. Could you imagine Kevin Conroy who voices Batman in his prime, voicing an older, gruffer Batman in The Dark Knight Returns? Can one picture Mark Hamill voicing  The Joker in Batman: Brave and The Bold, where Joker is more comical and less dark? Or imagine these two actors reprising their roles for the Batman ’66 animated features. Talk about awkward!

Fans have to remember that actors have schedules and other projects. Mark Hamill may be busy with Star Wars stuff and can’t commit to Batman: Hush. Also, don’t forget The Joker plays a relatively small role in the comic. At the same time, it is possible DC may have to shell out more money for Kevin Conroy, given his history, rather than Jason O’Mara.

Another Concern for Batman: Hush

If anything, we should overlook the lack of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, and focus on another aspect of the project: can Batman: Hush work in the DC Animated Universe? For starters, Ra’s al-Ghul is technically ‘dead’ in this universe. Yet, he does show up in the comic. Will the story be re-written like The Death of Superman, which features extensive use of the Justice League? If that is the case, how much of the original 11-issue series will be compromised? Can all of this fit into an animated feature? Plus, a lot of people actually do not like this universe, because it follows a proto-52 narrative. Many of the fans do not care for the New 52. It is looking that Batman Hush is not one of DC’s one-off features of the year. Instead, that may end up being Justice League vs. The Fatal Five or Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is more likely. Were we better off keeping Batman: Hush on its own?

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Only time can tell how Batman: Hush will turn out. We have no trailer…yet. And again, this only a rumored cast list, and nothing is official…yet.