Justice League vs. The Fatal Five cast and images revealed


The voice cast and first images for the animated Justice League vs. The Fatal Five movie have been revealed.

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five was announced last year. It is one of DC’s upcoming animated movies this year, fans knew nothing about it, until now.

Image Reveals for Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

Thanks to THR, we finally have a glimpse of what this film will look like. Many probably expected a look much similar to all of the DC Animated Movie Universe films. However, we do not have that style. Designs are more simplistic and dare say, the animation has a youthful look to it as if it is made with a younger audience in mind. It almost appears like the DCAU’s style, which does drive some pondering now.

The images show that we will be getting Power Ring turned Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz. This will be her first appearance in a movie, not counting the LEGO DC specials. Now, one must wonder if she is the only Green Lantern in this piece. How much backtracking must be done on her origin, given she is still a relatively new character? We also see Star Boy and Saturn Girl from the Legion of Super-Heroes. This was something of a concern. Remember, the Fatal Five are enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes, not the Justice League. Fair to say there may be some backtracking in this film to help set up and establish the Legion of Super-Heroes. Although it’s doubtful it’s an origin film for the team, we shall see.

Voice Cast Reveal for Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

If the art style is not a big giveaway, then the voice cast is. The original DCAU cast is returning to reprise their roles – Kevin Conroy as Batman, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman and George Newbern as Superman. Diane Guerrero, who you may have heard is starring in Doom Patrol, will be voicing Jessica Cruz. It looks like Guerrero is on board for a career with DC.

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For the Legion of Super-Heroes, we have Elyes Gabel as Star Boy and Daniela Bobadilla as Miss Martian. One returning voice regular is Kevin Michael Richardson, who you may know as Trigon, The Joker from The Batman and a shopping list of characters in Young Justice. He will be voicing Mr. Terrific. Noel Fisher, who voices Justice League Action’s the Klarion, will be voicing Brainiac-5. Finally, you know her and love her for Batgirl, Raven and Harley Quinn Tara Strong will be voicing Saturn Girl.

Peter Jessop is voicing Thorak. Another cast member is Matthew Yang King, who voices the Persuader, while Sumalee Montano is the Emerald Empress. All three of these actors have played some smaller roles throughout DC properties. Philip Anthony-Rodriguez is playing Mano. Then we have Tom Kenny, who you may know as The Penguin from The Batman or probably known better as Spongebob, is voicing Bloodsport.

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With this voice cast, it’s easy to tell this is not a DC Animated Movie Universe feature. It’s hard to say if anyone saw this coming, given the franchise’s reliance on these versus features. With this cast, is it possible that this may take place in the DCAU? Doubtful, but it doesn’t hurt to dream a bit.