Superman: Red Son animated movie reportedly in the works


It looks like another DC animated film is coming in the form of a classic Superman story.

Fans thought they had it good, when news leaked of a Batman: The Long Halloween movie coming forth. Now, according to Revenge of the Fans, we may be getting an animated Superman: Red Son movie.

For those who do not know, Superman: Red Son is an Elseworlds tale by Mark Millar. We all know the origin of Superman and his crash landing in the state of Kansas in the United States of America. What if instead, he landed in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Hence, this is something of a historical piece, as well.

Other characters appear as such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, and all are bent to this odd, historical fiction narrative. Superman: Red Son is quite possibly one of the most popular Elseworlds tales from DC Comics. This 12-part series has seen two printings in trade paperback. DC Comics even gave it a digital comic release.

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Right now, the news is still hot and fresh, with no information on a release date or director. Of course, there is certainly no trailer or images yet either. However, there is a wealthy list of voice actors for the project.

We have Amy Acker, Anna Vocino, Diedrich Bader, Greg Chun, Jim Ward, Jason Isaacs, Jason Spisak, Jim Meskimen, Paul Williams, Phil Lamarr, Phil Morris, Roger Craig Smith, Sasha Roiz, Tara Strong, Travis Willingham, Vanessa Marshall, William Salyers and Winter Zoli. You probably recognize some of these voices already, who are quite the regulars.

For instance, Tara Strong and Phil Lamarr are veterans. There is no cast list that provides their specific roles, though. We can maybe suspect that Diedrich Bader is here for Batman, but it is best not to use that train of thought. There are already have two other actors on the list with a history of playing the Dark Knight.

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No doubt it will not be part of the DC Animated Movie Universe. We will keep you posted with any news and leaks on DC Comics’ Superman: Red Son adaption. Needless to say, it’s good to be a DC fan, right now.