The Batman: How Matt Reeves’ vision changes everything

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LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 01: Director Matt Reeves speak onstage during Deadline’s The Contenders at DGA Theater on November 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Deadline)

A low-budget Batman film

Consider the grounded nature Reeves expressed with his film. What if Reeves or Walter Hamada wanted a big budget? After all, Hamada produced films with a restricted budget with Warmer Bros. and New Line Cinema, and the results were great.

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For example, IT, Annabelle: Creation, and Lights Out, were three critically acclaimed films, with a combined budget of $55M. Together, those films racked up over $1.1B in revenue. Hamada can look to bring that same low-key approach to the DCEU.

The facts are comic book movies don’t need a big budget or heavy CGI. That’s been done ad-nauseam. Instead, give us something we’ve rarely seen out of a comic book movie in the modern era. There are a few exceptions with Deadpool and Logan, which had budgets under $100M.

Matt Reeves’ Batman can and should follow in the direction of Deadpool and Logan. Batman gives the DCEU a chance to strip away the money. Every film before it was a big budget film. Their latest film, Aquaman, took it up a notch. It was undoubtedly a visual spectacle and a wild ride because it made sense for the character.

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The Batman has something more to offer, and Matt Reeves understands that. One things for sure, Reeves’ Batman will change the DCEU one way or another. Production on the film begins in late 2019, and the anticipation is palpable for a detective-infused, emotional thrill ride that is The Batman.