Uncanny X-Men No. 10 review: X-Men Disassembled Part 10


This issue of Uncanny X-Men will change the course of mutants in the entire Marvel Universe for months to come.

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, & Ed Brisson

Artist: Pere Pérez

Cover artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, & Jason Keith

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Previously, in Uncanny X-Men No. 9, the X-Men went up against the combination of two omega-level mutants in one body. X-Man (Nate Grey) inhabited Xavier’s son, Legion and was hell bent on killing them. X-Man even went as far as to make Storm one of his Horsemen. While the X-Men battled their enemies (and friend) Beast confronted Anole about taking the vial from his lab. Anole said he was trying to help mutant kind by giving the “cure” to the government, but Beast points out that all the did was make things worse. When it all seemed like the X-Men were defeated, Jean’s reinforcements arrived. All of the remaining X-Men showed up to try and defeat this double omega-level threat.

Image Source: marvel Digital Comics

The X-Men went at X-Man with everything they had. X-Men young, old, and long forgotten attacked as one as they took on their most powerful enemy to date. The first person to go down was Cannonball who was seemingly crippled by X-Man. Thankfully, Jean Grey had a plan. While the entirety of the X-Men available took on X-Man physically, the telepaths would try to stop X-Man, psychically. First, they had to take out Storm. Psylocke and Archangel joined forces to take her down. Once Psylocke got her psychic sword into Storm’s head, Storm regained her real thoughts. In a rage, Storm immediately went after X-Man.

Image Source: marvel Digital Comics

Jean’s plan started to work. Magneto, Omega Red, and Blob regained control of their bodies and minds and attacked X-Man with the X-Men. Out of nowhere, the telepaths got through and Jean disappeared into X-Man’s mind. While the battle raged on outside, Jean was trying to convince X-Man that he was doing the wrong thing.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Jean and X-Man talked for a short time. Both sharing their thoughts on why the other was wrong. X-Man didn’t think Jean knew what it felt like to have the power of a god until she let him feel what it was like to be one with the Phoenix. Despite Jean’s effort, X-Man didn’t budge on his position and he did the unthinkable. He said, “I can’t save the world. Not when you people stand in my way. I can’t make this into a world where the X-Men belong.” And with that, X-Man killed all of the X-Men. Nate lie dead on the ground and faded away only leaving the life seed.

Image Source: marvel Digital Comics

The story ends with a mysterious person talking in red thought bubble, explaining what happened next. Some of the world mourned the X-Men while others were happy to be rid of them. Even though Senator Allen reversed his position on mutants, the ball was already in motion. The anti-mutant vaccine was put into circulation so no mutant births would happen again. The man throws a newspaper away to reveal that it was Cyclops’ thoughts we were reading.

Image Source: marvel Digital Comics

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To anyone who doubted Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, & Ed Brisson, the jokes on you. In ten issues, these writers told a terrific story. Every issue served a purpose and led us to this ending. The title Disassembled usually means that the team is splitting up due to some infighting (Avengers Disassembled for example). While it appeared that this was going to be the case with Armor constantly arguing with Jean and Storm, disassembled meant something different. It meant the X-Men were going to be physically disassembled. Almost all of the X-Men came together to fight a common cause and they were destroyed. It’ll be exciting to see what happens next.

Image Source: marvel Digital Comics

X-Marks the Spot

  • What happened to the X-Men? Are they really gone? Did they all go into X-Man’s brain or into the Life Seed?
  • Does this mean every mutant that wasn’t killed has to take the “cure” or become outlaws? Or is this just for now?
  • With the X-Men gone will the world finally realize how much they actually needed them? They’ve saved the world more times than they realize?

Next. X-Men: Cyclops and Wolverine reunite with classic uniforms. dark

  • How long until Cyclops forms his new team of X-Men? How will he go about bringing his family back?
  • How will Cyclops talk Multiple Man into joining the fight, especially since Madrox hates him?
  • How does Wolverine get involved? After everything he’s gone through, who knows how he’ll react to his family and friends dying.

What’s going to happen to the X-Men next? Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out!