25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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9. Foggy Nelson

One half of Nelson and Murdock, Foggy Nelson is the heart of Daredevil. Where Matt Murdock seeks to take action with his fists, Foggy will try to think his way out of problems. He’s a charismatic and engaging speaker, which helps in his line of work, so it’s no surprise that he runs for District Attorney in Daredevil Season Three.

We first meet Foggy as Matt Murdock’s best friend and colleague. The two men decide to set up their own law firm and they became well-known lawyers due to their success. Foggy was tremendously loyal to Matt and would go out of his way to help him, particularly after he discovered Matt’s nocturnal activities.

Despite his initial support of Murdock, the relationship soon became strained as Matt grew less and less reliable. His actions as Daredevil began to have an adverse effect on his personal life and Foggy tried to tell him that he didn’t approve of his vigilantism. The final straw was during their defence of Frank Castle when they had a huge falling-out and decided to go their separate ways. Foggy then began working with Jeri Hogarth’s firm.

Foggy seemed like an easy-going character and a bit of a joker, but he was very serious about his work. His intellect allowed him to defend his clients in creative ways and he was a very good speaker.