25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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8. Billy Russo

Billy Russo was Frank Castle’s best friend. The two were inseparable during their time in the Marines and were a formidable team who were often called in to assassinate high-value targets. When they left the Marines, Frank and Billy had very different ideas about what they wanted to do. Frank wished for a quiet life with his family, whereas Billy couldn’t escape from the war.

As such, he created his own company, Anvil Securities, under the guise of it being a private security firm. However, the firm was set up by William Rawlins to train soldiers to be as deadly as Russo and Castle were. When Castle emerged as the Punisher, Rawlins sent Russo to kill his former friend.

Russo became close to Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani in order to learn of Castle’s whereabouts. This also exposed his time in the Cerberus unit and Russo became terrified that this information could be used against him and he would be arrested for the crimes. Because of this, he allowed Castle to kill Rawlins and then set out on a mission to kill Castle.

Returning to the Central Park carousel, Castle, Russo and Madani all engaged in a brutal battle which left Russo’s face horribly disfigured and his mind shattered. When he awoke from his coma months later he couldn’t remember why he was in hospital, nor could he remember any of the terrible things he’d done to Castle. All that he could remember was a skull. Truly, it was his mind that was the Jigsaw to be reassembled.