TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Credit: IDW Publishing

What has been your favorite memory of working on this project?

Lansdown: The best memories of this project have not been actually working on the game, but moments shared with the community and Pete. Getting to meet up in person for the first time at GenCon 2018, and getting to play the game with many members of the FB community has been the highlight of the project so far. See Pete and I have been designing this game from across the globe, Melbourne, Australia and Tampa, Florida. So actually sitting down together and being able to work in person is a rare treat.

Walsh: Totally agree with what Dan said.

Which is your favorite TMNT non-turtle character and why? (We know your answer, Pete)

Walsh: Funny story, I originally didn’t like Pigeon Pete at all. But somehow he not only became the mascot for our Facebook group but also one of my favorite characters. Nate from IDW actually had Kevin Eastman sketch Pete onto a special San Diego Gallery hardcover for me. It was the first time Kevin had drawn Pete, I had no idea it was coming and was blown away. Spencer from IDW had Pigeon Pete put into the TMNT Munchkin game as an exclusive for me also, so I guess I’m stuck with my feathered friend. I also have a Bebop and Rocksteady half sleeve, those guys will always be favorites of mine.

Lansdown: Bebop has always been a favorite of mine. But the way they have been handled in the IDW comics has solidified his place as my number 1 villain and second favorite TMNT character. Only topped by Donnie.