Justice League vs. The Fatal Five official trailer releases


The official trailer for Justice League vs The Fatal Five released earlier this week.

Justice League vs The Fatal Five displays a return to familiarity with the release of its official debut trailer.

Justice League Unlimited, the final installation in the DC Animated Universe, met its end way back in 2006. Now, thirteen years later, a new animated movie paying homage to the show, Justice League vs The Fatal Five, has just released its official trailer for fans old and new to consume.

The film promises a showdown between the Justice League, consisting of DC’s trinity heroes(Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), Mister Terrific, and Miss Martian, as they face off against the villainous group from the 31st century, the Fatal Five. However, the encounter of these two groups isn’t the sole plot of the film.

In a first look promotion into the film that released a few weeks ago, it was revealed that the story would follow Jessica Cruz. A woman with severe anxiety, who has gained a Green Lantern ring; allowing her to be a superhero.

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It will also follow the 31st-century hero Star Boy, a member of the Legion of Superheroes, who sets out to stop The Fatal Five but is hindered when his medication for his mental illness breaks upon arrival in the 21st century. Causing his thoughts to become harder to organize and process.

While assisting the Justice League in the fight against the Fatal Five, the film will have a heavy focus on Jessica’s and Star Boy’s interaction. As they help and learn from one another in their respective journeys as heroes.

This film will be the second DC animated movie to pay homage to the DC animated universe. With the first being the Batman and Harley Quinn film that came out in 2017, which was the spiritual successor of Batman: The  Animated Series.

Like with Batman and Harley Quinn, Warner Brothers may keep it ambiguous as to whether or not Justice League vs The Fatal Five will be canon to the DC animated universe. But with so many from the Justice League Unlimited crew coming back to make the film, there’s no question that it will show proper justice to its source.

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Justice League vs The Fatal Five releases August 6th on digital and Blu-ray.