Justice League Unlimited FINALLY Coming To Blu-Ray


While the seminal Justice League animated series has been available on Blu-Ray for years, it’s equally good followup, Justice League Unlimited, which really gave the lesser known heroes of the DC Universe a chance to shine, has yet to get a release on Blu-Ray. And with digital becoming more the way of things, it certainly seemed like that may never happen.

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But it seems that Warner Archives is advertising a Blu-Ray release of Justice League Unlimited. Unfortunately, this is literally all that is known at this point. That a release is coming soon, according to this ad:

No word on when, how much, extra features, anything. Justice League Unlimited definitely introduced me to a lot of characters I hadn’t really known (Hawk & Dove, Vigilante, Shining Knight, etc.) about and were so well-done I became a fan of pretty much all of them. If you’ve never seen it Justice League Unlimited offers plenty of Bat-action as well (he is one of the main founding members after all) and until it’s out on Blu-Ray you can check it out on Netflix and I HIGHLY recommend it. Hopefully we’ll hear more on this really soon.

h/t TVShowsOnDVD

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