X-Men producer says Gambit movie is up to Disney


Gambit could happen if Disney wants it to, and prepare yourself for a new Wolverine, without Hugh Jackman in the X-Men universe.

Long live the X-Men as they exit Fox isn’t the good graces of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have long wondered what the X-Men would look like with the MCU touch. With the merger creeping closer Feige and company can freely express ideas to the public.

The cancellation of X-Force seemed to put an end to Fox’s XMen. Nevertheless, the death of one X-Men universe allows Disney the opportunity to breathe new life into other projects, like Gambit. According to Deadline’s interview with X-Men producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, Gambit isn’t dead yet.

"“The fate of the long-in development Gambit with Channing Tatum; its final result will be determined by the new Disney Marvel when it comes to fruition.”"

Fans of Gambit have followed the lengthy development that hasn’t left development purgatory. Still, there’s a script, written by Chris Claremont and Channing Tatum.

But, there’s no director, although Tatum did throw his name in the hat. No matter what, fans of the X-Men would hope there’s room for a solo Gambit project. Even if it is on Disney Plus.

However, Gambit wasn’t the only X-Men discussed on Deadline. There was a brief mention of Wolverine’s inclusion into MCU.

"“There’s been some thoughts about a new Wolverine down the road… It’s all in Disney’s playground and they get to decide.”"

During the X-Men era that Shuler Donner oversaw, Wolverine became the face of the franchise. For nearly two decades, Hugh Jackman dawned the adamantium claws.

Jackman called it quits in 2017 after Logan. His retirement left fans wanting more; especially now with the merger happening. However, don’t look for Jackman to un-retire, Ryan Reynolds tired.

So, fans might want to adjust to the idea of a new Wolverine. There are plenty of other actors capable of carrying the mantle of arguably the most popular X-Men. We have a while before any X-Man make their MCU debut.

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In the meantime, Dark Phoenix hits theaters Jun. 7, 2019 with New Mutants close behind Aug. 2019.