Deadpool 3, X-Force and other R-rated Marvel films will continue with Disney


Deadpool 3 and X-Force will continue with their R-ratings under Fox according to Disney’s CEO.

Ever since the announcement of Disney’s acquisition of FOX, a lot of Marvel fans have been doubtful about the possibility that properties such as Deadpool and X–Force will maintain their mature tones once the deal has been closed. However, the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has assured that existing properties managed by FOX will precede as planned, regardless of the film’s rating. reported that on Tuesday, Feb. 5, during a quarterly earnings call with investors where the subject of R-rated films was discussed, Iger began to clarify how Disney will handle FOX’s properties i.e. the X–Men franchise. Iger explained that Deadpool will continue under the umbrella of FOX and promised that Disney will brand some of the properties they possess ownership of differently so there is no confusion towards its consumers in regards to marketing.

More from Movies has ascertained that Disney currently possess assets from 21st Century FOX, which is collectively known as the Fox Corporation (that will restructure and be spun into a new company remaining in the business of news and sports,) such as the FOX film studio, FX, FOX Searchlight and many adult brands that will all be owned by Disney. It was acknowledged that while Disney currently is not in the business of R-rated content their business practices will not shy away from it via FOX’s umbrella.

Also note that Disney once purchased Miramax in 1993 in order to tackle the independent film market, which in turn produced more teenage, horror and mature genre films under its label, Dimension Films, before Disney sold Miramax to Filmyard Holdings in 2010. Also, Disney still has ownership of Touchstone Pictures, a distribution label, also known for its mature content.

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While things seem to be shining brighter on some of the X–Men related properties like Deadpool 3 and X–Force, the same cannot be said for Gambit and others in development. What the future may hold for subsequent films moving forward is still unclear.