The new Uncanny X-Men is a must read and this trend will continue

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


The X-Men have been hated and feared by the world for as long as they’ve been around. But as time went on, the hatr,ed started to decrease. Their highest point may have been when they moved to San Francisco. This led to the X-Men fighting a different group of villains (Tarrax for example) and a few of them even gained Avengers status (Storm, Cable, and Rogue for example). The direction of this run seems to be going back to a time where the X-Men are on their own, which is just the way they and a lot of X-Men fans like it.

The X-Men used to be separate from the rest of the Marvel universe. Their crossovers remained in X-books, and they never went outside of their family for help, especially since they could only trust each other. This exclusivity made it easier to follow their stories. You didn’t have to buy a ton of different titles to know what’s going on. Story arcs like Messiah Complex, Second Coming, and Mojo Worldwide are recent examples. While they may have spanned across multiple books, it’s easier than following something like Marvel’s Civil War, which encompassed the entire Marvel Universe.