The new Uncanny X-Men is a must read and this trend will continue

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


The best thing about the X-Men is that they’re a family. They live, they love, but will also fight each other. However, no matter what, they return home and are received with open arms. For the past eight years, the X-Men have been split. Even after Cyclops died, the X-Men weren’t a family. They all went their separate ways and lived different lives. This series brought everyone back together. Even Beast (who was even with the Inhumans for a while) rejoined the team full time and helped during the final fight with X-Man.

This unity is important. Aside from the Fantastic Four, no other team exemplifies what it means to be a family. They slowly got away from that to the point where the teams wouldn’t even interact with each other. This may have been the biggest reason why people weren’t reading the X-Men comics. It didn’t feel right. Now, they’re together again. They may argue and attack each other, but they’ll always have each other’s back. Seeing them fight side by side despite their differences made everything seem OK again.

This may be the most important part of the X-Men. This family aspect is what separates them from the Avengers. Cap may say, “Once an Avenger, always an Avenger,” but it’s not the same. The Avengers don’t have any biological factor keeping them similar. The X-Men are a community of people genetically bonded and have come together for a common goal: Charles Xavier’s dream of coexistence. They’re not just fighting to save the world. The X-Men are fighting for survival and equal rights, things the majority of the Avengers never had to worry about.