The first critic reactions to Captain Marvel have arrived


Members of the press have seen Captain Marvel and are sharing their first reactions on social media.

Captain Marvel, the latest feature from Marvel Studios, is still a few weeks away from its wide release. However, select members of the press have already screened the film and have taken to the web to share their initial thoughts on the film. So what do they think of Carol Danvers’ first solo outing?

Captain Marvel is receiving mostly positive reactions from the press so far, with many lauding it for its action, tone and reverence to the comics. Many also seem to have enjoyed the amount of ’90s nostalgia that ‘s been infused into the film. Significant praise is also being directed at Brie Larson for her portrayal of the titular heroine:

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These early positive reactions bode well for Captain Marvel. As with most of their films, Marvel decided to screen it early for critics, and judging by the early responses, it was the right move. Due to an embargo, which is standard for any film, full reviews will not be posted until March 5th, so things could change in terms of critical response. But based on the critical performances of past Marvel films, early positive reactions have typically been a strong indicator of long-range reception.

Captain Marvel is poised to have a massive opening weekend, with tracking pointing to an opening that could exceed $100 million. This would put it in the ranks of only two other Marvel Cinematic Universe origin stories: Iron Man and Black Panther. And it’s quite possible that these early reactions could have an impact on the tracking numbers.

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While it’s still early, it appears that Marvel Studios could have another hit on their hands. And it’s safe to say that for some fans the wait for the movie probably just got a little harder. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8.