Uncanny X-Men No. 12 “This is Forever” review: Getting the band together


Cyclops and Wolverine make their first push to save mutantkind!

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Previously, in Uncanny X-Men No. 11, Cyclops is back from the dead and doing his best to bring the X-Men back together. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of mutants that will still speak to him. Cyclops tried to speak at an anti-mutant rally to show the other side of the argument, but ended up getting attacked. During this time, Cyclops made it a point to speak to the world and tell any mutant listening to meet him. The only people who showed up were enemies of the X-Men, looking to kill Cyclops. Luckily, Wolverine showed up to help him take them all out. So what’s next for Cyclops and Wolverine?

Writer: Matt Rosenberg

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Cover artists: Salvador Larroca & Rachelle Rosenberg\

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The story starts right after Logan and Scott’s battle with the Purifiers, Reavers, and the Sapien League. Logan is removing bullets from Cyclops’ back, and Cyclops is thanking him. He goes on to tell Logan that he’s sorry for everything he did and how he helped destroy the X-Men. Logan doesn’t argue, but he does admit that Cyclops did okay. Logan also drops a bomb and tells Cyclops that he knows where some of the other mutants are.

This opening was great. You see what happened right after the end of the previous issue, which shows that there is a feeling of urgency. It’s also great that Logan knew where to find his friends before he met Cyclops. It means he was going after them with or without him.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

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Wolverine and Cyclops head to an O*N*E* base where they’re holding mutants prisoner. After making short work of the guards, they fight smaller human-sized sentinels that keep asking them to stop attacking it. Logan realizes that there’s blood on his claws from his attacks. They unmask it, and it’s revealed to be Strong Guy powering the Sentinel. Not only that, Strong Guy and his team were infected by the Transmode Virus. They thought the O*N*E* was there to help them. Nope. They were experimenting on them, using them to power their Sentinels and make mutants fight each other.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Cyclops and Wolverine make their way through the mutant prison, and Cyclops is back to leading He puts everyone in the right place to fight and survive. Along the way, they save Magik, Wolfsbane, Cyclops’ brother Havok, and some more mutants. Things get heavy when it’s discovered that one of the prisoners (one of Multiple Man’s duplicates) has unknowingly had a bomb placed inside of him. Strong Guy taes the brunt of the blast and dies in combat. It’s the first of what will probably be a few mutant casualties. The issue ends with the O*N*E* evacuating the premises and realizing the X-Men are officially back!

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

X-Marks the Spot

  • Even though the mutants followed Cyclops into battle, how will they respond to him once things have settled down?
  • How is Madrox going to react to his duplicates being used? Maybe this is what gets him back with the X-Men.
  • What were the O*N*E* doing with the mutants? There has to be more than what we know already.
  • Does the U.S. Government know about the mutants being tortured? Are other countries doing this too?
  • Where will the X-Men’s new base be? They have to go in hiding with all of these new laws. Maybe they’ll go back to Australia.
  • The cover of the next issue looks like Cyclops is going after some of the X-Men’s classic villains. How will he attack them and who’s first?
  • This series continues to feel right. The classic “X-Men versus the world” approach makes this issue amazing. And Wolverine and Cyclops fighting side by side and making fun of each other is sure to make everyone smile.