Uncanny X-Men: What we do and don’t need from the new series

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Don’t: Make Wolverine the only focus

Wolverine is one of the best X-Men to ever live. He’s also the most popular and marketable. So far, Cyclops has been the focus in these last two issues of Uncanny X-Men. Wolverine works well with everyone on the X-Men, but he doesn’t have to take time away from the rest of the other characters. There are dozens of X-Men that are good enough to have their own arcs. Wolverine doesn’t have to be front and center all the time.

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For example, in the recent run of Uncanny X-Men, Armor became a focal point, and it was great. Watching her stand up to Jean Grey and tell her how she felt was a coming out moment for her. She also showed that she is a leader. She protected her teammates and was willing to kill so her friends wouldn’t have to. She is just one of the many young and veteran X-Men that could be used to star in an Uncanny X-Men run. Wolverine is still the best there is at what he does and should be included in the series. Every arc doesn’t need to feature or star him.