Critics share their first reactions to Shazam


With the first reactions to Warner Bros. and DC’s Shazam having arrived on the web, what are the critics saying about the new, superhero flick?

Shazam, the latest feature from Warner Bros. and DC films, is still a few weeks from hitting the big screen, but members of the press have gotten a chance to see the film. Now, with the social media embargo lifted, they’re taking to social media to share their thoughts. So what did they think of the Big Red Cheese’s theatrical debut?

Early reactions to Shazam have been highly positive, with many critics praising the lighthearted tone, consistent humor and thrilling action sequences. A lot of praise has also been directed as Zachary Levi for his performance in the title role. The young child stars led by Asher Angel are also being seen as stand-outs. Overall, the film appears to be just what it was advertised as — the Big of the DC Universe:

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. and DC have had a bit of a rough time building a film franchise. But the successes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman seemed to indicate that they’re moving in the right direction. And now, based on these early responses, Shazam seems to only add to that notion.

By screening the film so early, it appears that Warner Bros. had a lot of faith in the movie, and that faith seems to have been well placed. While the full review embargo doesn’t lift until March 23, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more positive responses.

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These reactions could also be a very positive factor for the film’s box office performance. As of right now, long-range tracking pegs it for an opening weekend of $48 million and an overall U.S. gross of $144 million, the lowest of any DCEU installment. These can mostly be attributed to the general public’s unfamiliarity with the character. But of course, with positive reviews, these numbers could increase. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proved anything, it’s that audiences are willing to embrace movies with relatively unknown characters.

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Things are looking up for Shazam, right now, and fans will no doubt be looking forward to seeing the movie for themselves when it hits theaters on April 5.