Shazam movie’s official runtime has been revealed


The official runtime for Shazam! has finally been revealed just under a month before it hits theaters. 

The list of superhero movies piling up at the box office has stacked up left and right. Today is the day that Captain Marvel officially hit theaters. Meanwhile, Hellboy is quietly waiting in the wings for an April release date. Let us not forget that Avengers: Endgame is due out later that same month as well. Of course, squeezed in between both films is Shazam!, which is due for an Apr. 5 release date.

As the release date for Shazam! nearly nears with each passing second, we have been wondering what the runtime will be. After all, trying to keep up with all of these superhero movies and rush out to see them takes a lot of time and money. Mostly money, but time is definitely the main factor at play. If you have the same problem as us at Bam Smack Pow, then you’re probably struggling to find the time and money to go see these movies when it takes away the time we have to write articles for the site. Which, in turn, keeps us from making enough money to see all these superhero flicks.

Ah, now that is what we call in America “a conundrum.” Well, we call it a conundrum in most countries as well; albeit, sometimes in another language.

Regardless, for those who need to plan their schedules ahead, you’re in luck as Fandango has updated the page for Shazam!. In doing so, the site has revealed the official runtime of Shazam!, which looks like it’ll be clocking in at approximately two hours and 12 minutes. In total, that rounds out Shazam! for 132 minutes.

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For anyone who’s got 132 minutes of free time on their hands on Apr. 5, it might be worth investing in buying a ticket to Shazam!, which is set to be one of the hottest films of the year.