Venom 2 will be getting a new director


Venom 2 is getting a new filmmaker, as the original film’s director is busy on another movie for Sony.

After Sony Pictures’ recent success with Venom, despite being critically panned by reviews by film critics, the next project on their slate is Morbius, which has already begun shooting in London. While the most harmonious of comic book fans were not in full support of the film due to its status of working outside the MCU, it defied expectations, at least, from a financial sense.

CinemaBlend, through Variety, reported that Ruben Fleischer cannot make commitments to the sequel to Venom, for now dubbed Venom 2, due to being busy directing other projects, including the much-awaited sequel to Zombieland, also for Sony. Tom Hardy, the actor who played the ominous symbiote-infused anti-hero and his civilian identity Eddie Brock, is expected to return. Also returning will be Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson, who appeared during the post-credits scene as Cletus Kasady.

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Kelly Marcel, one-third of the screenwriters involved with working on the script for the first Venom movie, which accumulated $855 million worldwide at the box office, has returned to pen the screenplay for the sequel. She is set to executive produce, as well. After the release of Venom, it was expected that Fleischer would not return to direct, and they will be searching for another filmmaker to replace him. Now, it has been confirmed that Sony is on the lookout for a new director to helm the project.

Next. Jared Leto shares image from the set of Morbius. dark

Before the trailer for Venom was released online, some were expecting perhaps an introspective take between the symbiote and Brock, with more of a horror angle. However, Fleischer went for dark humor, especially with the persona of the symbiote and the interactions between the organism and Brock. The next director to take over from Fleischer will have to utilize the same aesthetic , such as the relationship between Brock and the Venom symbiote and the dark humor, but invoke a different voice, tone and manage Carnage as a worthy Big Bad than Riz Ahmed’s Riot. Use Carnage as the selling point, not just in marketing but in the story, as well.