Venom sequel finds its writer and producer in Kelly Marcel


Venom wasn’t poisonous to Sony with its massive box office numbers, so a sequel is on the way, with a writer already attached.

Venom didn’t need an R-rating to find success, nor did it need a direct correlation to Spider-Man. Eddie Brock and his symbiote, Venom, told their own story. Some were skeptical about whether a Venom movie could stand alone and how fans would receive such a story.

The verdict revealed fans loved it, as they flocked to theaters to check out the Spider-Man-less Venom. Even with all the negative reviews from critics, Venom wasn’t poisonous to Sony, as it racked up $855M worldwide.

Of course, with any great success comes the great responsibility of making a sequel, and that’s exactly what Sony plans to do with the help Kelly Marcel. According to Variety’s Justin Kroll, not only will Marcel write the script but she’ll also produce the follow-up film:

"“[Sony] has tapped Kelly Marcel, one of the screenwriters from the first [Venom] movie, to pen the script. Sources tell Variety that, although an exact amount couldn’t be unveiled, Marcel’s deal was a significant one. She will also executive produce the follow-up.”"

The latest news supports early reports that suggested Tom Hardy signed on for three films. Moreover, Kroll suggests that Venom’s sequel could hit theaters in October 2020.

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The original film saw Eddie Brock, infected by Venom, battle Riot in San Francisco. Michelle Williams and Tom Hardy made a fantastic pairing, and Williams has been confirmed to return, which will help the sequel.

However, it was the cameo from another famous Spider-Man character, played by Woody Harrelson, that hyped fans up for a potential sequel, and it appears that fans can look forward to Harrelson returning and taking on the infamous mantle of Carnage.

It’s going to take some time before we see or hear what writer Kelly Marcel has in mind for her sequel. There’s some hope that we can get a Spider-Man appearance, as well as other ideas floating around about Tom Hardy’s possible trilogy. Now that Venom officially cemented himself as a standalone hero, or anti-hero, Sony can do what they want.

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Thankfully, there’s still the possibility to satisfy hardcore fans with a possible Spider-Man/Venom showdown. After all, it was because of the possibility that Sony opted to keep Venom  PG-13 rated. Could we see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man return home to Sony’s Marvel Universe? Or, will we see someone else take on the role?

There are a lot of unanswered questions, but one thing’s for sure, we are getting at least one more Venom movie.