Riverdale: 20 most important characters on the show

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1. Archie Andrews

Our No. 1 pick for the most important character on Riverdale might be both obvious and a tad controversial. As the natural entry point into the series and the first character on the call sheet, it’s unavoidable that Archie ranks as the top of the top, even with everything that’s happened in these first three seasons.

Still, for some fans, he might not even crack the top-10 because, let’s face it, our guy makes some questionable, if not completely reckless, decisions.

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Naturally, all the drama revolves around Archie. Most storylines and characters can be traced back to Archie six degrees of Kevin Bacon style. Whether he’s saving Cheryl from a frozen lake, or busting out of juvie, he’s the amateur superhero at the epicenter of the series, a big-hearted, passionate teen and who wants to do the right thing.

But he’s easily fooled, as shown by his allegiance to Hiram Lodge in Season 2. Yet, Archie’s like a puppy: You can’t help but find him adorable even when he pees on the carpet (or trusts a runaway child trying to kill him).

KJ Apa dons the vibrant red hair of one of the most famous redheads and comic book characters of all time. Playing Archie Andrews is a tall order, especially this modernized rendition of the character, but Apa makes it look easy — and that’s not because he spends a cool 75 percent of his screen time shirtless.

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But if KJ Apa plays his cards right, he could follow in the footsteps of his highly respected and beloved television dad Luke Perry. He has the talent and screen presence to back up his heart-throb status, not to mention the stature to carry a hit TV show.

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