Avengers: Tom Holland teases something on the horizon


Tom Holland took to Twitter to share a cryptic message that has Avengers and Spider-Man fans buzzing with excitement.

Two little words, and, snap, an explosion of chaos from Marvel fans across the internet.

Thursday afternoon, Tom Holland, our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man, or perhaps, ex-friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man after the events of Infinity War, and notoriously loose-lipped spoiler extraordinaire, posted a cryptic tweet that has started a slew of speculation:

“Monday morning…” There’s not much to it, but it could mean just about anything!

With Avengers: Endgame looming large, hopeful fans speculate that Monday might bring with it ticket sales for the long-awaited movie (and hopefully a new TV spot, trailer, or poster to go with it). Tickets are usually released approximately one month before the movie, and given that the countdown clock has just passed that mark, the time is ripe.

However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has gone on record as saying that snapped Infinity War characters are well and truly gone and thus would not be appearing in any of the marketing for Endgame. Having Holland launch ticket sales would seem to negate that, but since the young actor has played fast and loose with information before, Marvel could plead a rogue agent. Since, of course, the audience knows it is more than likely snapped characters will return, and thus, it would be good to keep engagement alive with them as well.

Just in case, make sure to set an alarm and have the local theater’s website open and ready to go.

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Alternatively, the tweet could refer to another Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. With one trailer already released, and shown before many screenings of Captain Marvel, Marvel does seem interested in promoting the Spider-Man sequel at this point in time. Since Far From Home is Holland’s movie, it would make a lot of sense to use his clout, the possible Endgame excitement, and the overall mystery the post creates to get a lot of eyes on the movie.

Lastly, the tweet could be about…nothing at all. Though Holland is entrenched in the Marvel Universe, he is also starring in other upcoming films and has a lot of projects on the go. He could be tweeting about any number of them, or about the pancakes he intends to have for breakfast. Raising everyone’s expectations, answering with a red herring and launching a sneak attack seems just the kind of genius marketing that might come from Marvel, which is always looking to keep the experience fresh and keep fans on their toes.

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This will be one weekend filled with anticipation, but luckily, answers aren’t too far away. Let us know what you’re crossing your fingers for in the comments!