The Eternals could feature a large roster of characters


Kevin Feige teases that The Eternals could introduce a vast amount of characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to grow when The Eternals hits the big screen. Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but film could be poised to bring in a host of cosmic characters.

Screen Rant quizzed Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige on how The Eternals can potentially open the door to new locations, as well as new characters like Namor and Hercules. While he didn’t confirm or deny that it would happen, he did stress that the main goal of the film is to introduce the various Eternals. And there are a lot of them:

"“One of the things we like about The Eternals and have started thinking about how we could do something with it are The Eternals themselves. Not as a way to introduce any other characters, and there are a lot of Eternals that are all very distinct and different from one another and that that’s our focus.”"

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Longtime readers of The Eternals comics undoubtedly know there are dozens of them, each with unique abilities and personalities. The primary characters are the ones who inhabit Earth such as Sersi, Ikaris, Ajak, Thena, Druig, Makarri, and Sprite. These characters are the ones who will likely appear in the film. Sersi has already been reported to be the central character, and her romance with Ikaris will take center stage. Leaked character breakdowns also point to the aforementioned characters and others showing up, as well.

And although many reside on Earth, there are dozens of others spread across the galaxy. One of the most notable locations is Titan, the homeworld of Thanos, who is also an Eternal (specifically a Deviant). The MCU has been planting seeds for the Eternals for a while now. Thanos’ introduction and the presence of a Celestial head in Guardians of the Galaxy are evidence of this.

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The Eternals’ first entry in the MCU may focus solely on those characters, but the franchise could eventually branch out to other corners of the universe. In the comics, they have links to Atlantis, Olympia and even Asgard. So having Namor or Hercules appear is definitely not out of the question.

The Eternals is set to start shooting this summer, and it’ll be interesting to see what Marvel Studios and director Chloé Zhao have planned.