MCU: 15 Marvel movies that need to happen after Avengers: Endgame

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

6. Storm origin story

The story of Ororo Monroe starts with tragedy before it ends with greatness. Ororo lost her parents at a young age. As they died, she was trapped under a ton of rubble that led to the claustrophobia she still struggles with. She spent a good part of her life wandering Africa and became a master pickpocket under the tutelage of Achmed El Gibár. After she left his guild, she was attacked, and she kills her attacker. She then vowed to never take a life.

Things eventually started to look up for Ororo. After she gained her powers, she was taught how to use them and became known as a goddess in many parts of Africa. She later became one of the most popular X-Men and recognized heroes in all of pop culture.

The world has been waiting for a proper Storm project for almost two decades. An origin story could give fans a more in-depth look into the character. She’s more than just a woman who controls the weather. She’s a proud African who had to go through Hell to be looked at as a goddess. Doing this story before the X-Men cold show fans that they recognize the X-Men are more than just Wolverine. We’ve yet to see how Alexandra Shipp will do in the next X-Men project. If she has more screen time she could be the Storm we’ve been waiting for.