Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Thor

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The return of the God of Thunder

During a comic book series called Thor: Ragnarok, Thor stopped the cycle of Ragnarok. He said that without a permanent death, the Asgardians final battle held no glory. He found a way to stop the cycle, and Asgard was destroyed, as were all of the Asgardians. He then rested in the afterlife. But the story didn’t end there. Donald Blake (who was Thor’s human host for a while) was reborn after Thor died.

Later, Mjölnir landed on Earth, and Blake went to it and was transported to a world in between, where Thor was resting. Blake told him that he would be needed on Earth in the future. The Odinson was hesitant until Blake told him that if he didn’t it would make Thor’s legacy a lie. With that, Thor fought his way back and returned from the afterlife.

Connection to the MCU

If Thor dies, he could be brought back just like this. Donald Blake was mentioned in the first Thor movie. It would be an easy fix to bring him back as the host for the God of Thunder. Also, it doesn’t have to be the Odinson. Jane Foster was the God of Thunder for a time (the Jason Aaron run). If Chris Hemsworth is done as Thor, bringing in Jane Foster as the newest Thor is an option. But for the love of the All Father Odin, please don’t bring in Natalie Portman.